Providing training in ALL ASPECTS of fingerprint examination!

   Providing training in ALL ASPECTS of footwear examination!

Over 30 years of experience as a forensic scientist specializing in fingerprint & footwear examination in an ASCLAD-Lab/ISO accredited state laboratory system. Have experience working civil cases.

Taught over 700 students - including workshops for the IAI, DEA, United States Secret Service, NY PD, Honolulu PD, MAFS, the state of Wisconsin, as well as numerous state division IAI meetings.



Classes/Workshops include:

 - Complex Comparison Workshop (NEW 2015)

 - Documentation of the ACE-V methodology

 - Basic Fingerprint Examination

 - Basic Footwear Examination

 - Courtroom Demeanor

Call at 608-235-3671 or e-mail using the link below.